Imagine one of those american movies, in a long desert road and at the middle of that road there is a bar. Or a restaurant or a diner … whatever. And you get inside and there is a beautiful girl sitting alone at the end of the counter. No sign of boyfriend, family or friends. Just a helmet next to her and outside a dusty Harley with a bag, it’s got to be hers.
And because she is alone in the middle of nowhere you wonder why and don't even notice the 10 top-models that are also sitting in the same bar, restaurant or diner, heading for … Las Vegas, why not?

She looks at you and you think there was a little smile. You’re not sure what it was, there’s just something that is making your curiosity pump and jump.
That's how I met this motorcycle: alone, kind of neglected, under the stairs for the bar at Art&Moto in Lisbon.
There where lots of awesome bikes from the main portuguese builders, even world famous Yamahas (Yamaha Yard Built and Faster Sons), custom Harleys and much more.
But this BMW was getting too much attention, that was the one you would want to take home and take care of. She was a temptation, there alone, mysterious.
This is the first major project of Unik Edition - Custom Motorcycles, a new portuguese builder that got a lot of attention with this amazing bike. You know, kind of when you know you don’t have a chance with that girl … but then you just try and you get surprised with the result and she walks out of that bar, restaurant or diner with you.
Well, she was a lot of fun but had to leave, and now we're waiting for the next creation of Unik Edition. Best of luck guys!

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